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SPIN International is focusing on digital solution to fulfill customers’ requirement in everyday’s activities. All products are focusing on human and processes interaction. Since 2006, we have created our own software application to enhance collaboration between people, process and technology in the best practices. In the work flow of any organization either a profit or non-profit oriented one, there must be many document processes exist. We can easily find high volume of documents involved in ISO Certification, manufacturing process, human resource management, sales process, purchasing process, billing statement process, court cases, and …….. many more. Those processes consume a lot of time, resources and funds, and last but not least also consume high volume of papers, which means chopping down more trees. We think there must be a better solution in every case. As the digital life style emerging, we are also creating applications to support many aspects of human and technology interaction. Multimedia content is one of the focus of our innovation. As stated in our Vision, SPIN International will always been spinning up its innovative resources and experiences to improve the business and working process within its customer’s environment. Customer first, quality foremost, excellent service and prompt response is the tenet of our service team.


- Multimedia Content Creation.
- Digital WorkFlow Solution.
- Instant Form and Report Creation.
- Electronic Publishing with Digital Right Management.
- Application Development.
- Systems Integration.


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